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Pixie Homes

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This weeks #ArtFeedsMakes is a whimsical kind of architecture- Pixie Homes. Little artists can create teeny tiny homes for their imaginary Pixie friends.


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Glitter paper

Hot glue


Construction paper

Plate (or something to trace with)


Pom poms



Step 1: Cut a strip of glitter paper. This will be the base of your pixie home, so you can decide how tall you want the house to be based on how tall the strip of glitter paper you cut. Roll your glitter paper stip into a cylinder and secure the edges with hot glue. 

Step 2: Cut a circle from another piece of glitter paper, slightly larger than the bottom of your cylinder. Hot glue the circle onto the top of your cylinder. This will be the base of your roof. 

Step 3: Using your plate (or other circular object) trace a circle onto a piece of colored paper of your choosing (we used white paper so we could decorate it). This will be your roof. 

Step 4: Using scissors, cut from the edge of your roof circle to the center. Next, wrap the roof circle until you get a cone shape. Secure using hot glue. Finally, hot glue the cone shape onto the top of your cylinder, now you have the shape of your pixie home!

Step 5: Using colored paper, cut the decorations for the pixie home (we cut windows and doors) and secure using hot glue. 

Step 6: Cut a half oval shape into the base of your pixie home (without cutting it all the way out) to make a door that opens and closes. Hot glue your pom pom to the top 

Step 7: Color and decorate as you want!


Show us what you create at home by posting a photo to Instagram and tagging #ArtFeedsMakes and @artfeeds

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