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Our friends at @pictokits have designed a fun hands on project that focuses on up cycling materials! We join founder Alyssa to experiment with an owl. Take a look.



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-A Pictokit (we chose the Owl!)




Step 1: Open up your Pictokit and dump out all the individual pieces 

Step 2: Place a piece of fabric over one individual piece and place it face down back into its place in the full animal

Step 3: Cut away the excess fabric from the individual piece

Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3 until all pieces are back in their spots on the full animal and all excess fabric has been removed

Step 5: Place your completed animal pictokit onto the blank wood slice and carefully hammer in the four pins into each corner of slice of your pictokit -  creating a wooden frame

Step 6: Sign the back of your art and write the year you made it on the back of your pictokit

Show us what you create by tagging @artfeeds @pictokit and #ArtFeedsMakes #PictoKits

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