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Pencil Pal Craft

Let’s get creative! Here’s how we created our pencil pal to help us be inspired. Follow step by step and share your take on the project with #artfeedsmakes!


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- A circular object to trace, like a plate

- White paper

- Markers

- Scissors

- Cardboard tube (toilet paper, roll, paper towel roll, etc.)

- Duck tape

- Streamers

- Googly eyes

Hot glue



Step 1: Use a marker to trace the outline of a place onto a sheet of paper. Draw a dot in the center of the circle, and then draw a line from that dot to the edge of the circle. Draw a circle around the dot that goes through the midline you drew. The smaller circle should take up about a third of the inside of the larger circle. Color in the inner circle to create the lead of the pencil.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out the larger circle. Cut on the midline towards the center dot, as well. Roll the paper you cut out into a cone shape. The bottom corner of the cone will be the portion you shaded earlier. Place the cone on top of the cardboard tube. Use tape to secure the edge of the paper cone to the top edge of the cardboard tube.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to decorate your pencil pal! Use streamers to roll around the cardboard tube. Secure the streamers with tape. Ise hot glue to secure the googly eyes to the top of the pencil (the opposite end of the point).

Step 4: Fold a piece of paper into fourths. Cut on each folded line, creating four strips of paper. Write idea prompts onto each strip of paper. For example, “write your name in the air,” “trace your foot and turn it into a monster,” and “draw imaginary fruit.” You have the freedom to use your pencil pal to create anything you choose! Store your idea prompts inside of your pencil pal!


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