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Paper Seeds Inspired by Ilhwa Kim

We're inspired by South Korean artist Ilhwa Kim and her Paper Seeds. She uses hand dyed and cut paper to create color, pattern and texture. Each rolled grouping of paper she names a "seed" because it contains so much! We'll be doing our own interpretation of her unique work using tissue paper!



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+Mindful Swirl Pattern Printable from
+Thick and Thin markers from iHeartArt Supplies by @brightstripesco
+Tissue paper or construction paper
+Low Temp Hot Glue Gun



Step 1: Start with the Mindful Swirl printable to help calm your body and mind. You can download it for free here.

Step 2: Layer 4-6 pieces of tissue paper on top of each other, then cut strips of all pieces at once.

Step 3: Use your fingers to roll these strips from the bottom to the top until they mimic the swirls you've drawn on your Mindful Swirl printable.

Step 4: Use a glue stick to adhere the end of the tissue paper to the swirl so it doesn't unravel.

Step 5: Use a low temp hot glue gun to adhere the paper seed to the cardboard. Repeat until you've filled the base!

Hot tip: This is a great collaborative project to do with a group to students. All students can work together to create multiple paper seeds, then one person use the hot glue gun to secure them tot he base. 


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!

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