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Painting with Sharpies

Hey Picasso! Let’s redefine what it means to paint! Lay down your paintbrush and pick up a sharpie! 



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-Tote bag


-Rubbing alcohol

-A straw



Step 1: Draw a design across the face of your tote bag. Use as many colors as you would like! For example, we drew flowers with leaves. We drew the flowers with purple and pink sharpies, the leaves with a green sharpie, and added red polka dots. You could do something similar, or you could draw stars, moons, rainbows, hearts, smiley faces, or your own special design!

Step 2: Once you have finished drawing your designs, fill a straw with rubbing alcohol. Keep your finger over the end of the straw, so the liquid does not drip out before you want! Drop the liquid over the designs, and let your creation sit and dry for about 15 minutes. The colors will spread, creating a watercolor effect.

Step 3: Finally, take a sharpie and trace your designs!


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