Art Feeds Makes

Paintbrush Buddies

New friends to join the party! Use a basic paintbrush and these supplies to make Paintbrush Buddies.


- Paintbrush

- Permanent markers

- Pipe cleaners

- Googly eyes 

- Pom poms

- Paper 



Step 1: Start by laying paper under your paintbrush. The paper will protect the table from the permanent marker.

Step 2: Decorate your paintbrush however you like! You can create a person, animal, imaginary creature... there are no wrong answers

Step 3: Use glue dots or sticky googly eyes to add eyes to your brush

Step 4: Add pipe cleaners to decorate. Wha-la! A new friend!


Show us what you create at home by posting a photo to Instagram and tagging #ArtFeedsMakes and @artfeeds


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