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Outer Space Exploration Bin

Explore space from the comfort of your house with our Outer Space Exploration Sensory Bin! You can find all these items in your kitchen and recycling bins- make as many stars, planets and rockets as you want!




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A pan (or large flat container)

Uncooked rice (enough time fill container)

Blue Food coloring

Silicone bag (ziplock or paper work too)


Cardboard tube or toilet paper roll



Oil pastels



Space figurines

Puff balls


Glitter paper



Step 1: Pour rice into baggie with a couple drops of food coloring and shake

Step 2: Let dry for about 10-20 minutes then pour into your pan and spread evenly

Step 3: Cut out fun shapes like planets and stars out of your cardboard and color with oil pastels and markers

Step 4: Using a cardboard tube, flatten the tube and cut the top two corners to make a point

Step 5: Puff out the tube again and add wings to either side to create a spaceship

Step 6: Place your stars, comets, spaceships, and all of your creations into the pan along with some optional space figurines and play!


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