NEW in Art Feeds Online!

This is one wild year. We know you have more pressure than before and your students have more needs than before. We're here for you with more resources than ever before.

Here's what's always included in Art Feeds Online:

Core Elementary Curriculum for K-5th grade students

4 Semesters of Lessons

Videos, Resources and Trainings

7 Add-on Buckets of Curriculum Available

Monthly Newsletters


This year, we've also unlocked FREE for all users (over $200 value):

1. Trauma curriculum

This bucket of curriculum includes our lessons with the most opportunity for emotional expression and mental wellness. They've been used in communities after traumatic experiences and have been improved over 10 years. Children are experiencing trauma during this pandemic and working to make our lessons more robust than ever. This summer we've added to our Trauma bucket:

Lesson plans translated into Spanish

Teaching videos presenting directly to kids

Printable Activity Sheets

More project examples

2. Art Feeds Makes videos

We are adding these projects EVERY WEEK. Simple materials to create from anywhere. You can sort by medium to get quick project ideas.

3. Bundles

Every month we'll include another Bundle, which is 4 lessons on 1 theme. These can be used a lesson series, workshops, camps, intensives, whatever you choose!

We can't wait to see you there.

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