Music Lines

Do you have a song that gives you all the feelings? We definitely do. 

Music affects us all differently, but it can speak to parts of ourselves we haven't acknowledged before. Different music can communicate different things as well. For example, when you're running playing tag, you might like to listen to loud thumping music with a fast pace. Or maybe if you're sitting at home on a rainy evening reading a book, some soft music with strings might match you rmove. We think these differences in music can be seen through art as well. The goal of this printable is to help you examine those differences in music using lines. 

First, choose a song to listen to and start drawing lines that remind you of that music. Remember- there are no wrong answers!

Then, change up the music and see how your lines change when you think of the question "If this music were a line, what would it look like?"

Have fun! And show us your finished products with the hashtag #ArtFeedsMakes!


English Version

Spanish Version coming soon!

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