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Mixed Media Mask Portraits

Wearing a mask = being kind.

We are going to use different materials to create a mask on a portrait! During this time, we are paying close attention to where our germs go. For the protection of others and ourselves, one of the kindest and most respectful things we can do is to wear a mask. We are inspired by Artist Han Cao @hanwriting who uses old photographs and postcards mixed with beads and embroidery to create unique and beautiful works of art. In her "Quarantine" series, she creates masks for people in photos with fabric and thread. We'll create our own version inspired by her today.


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Watercolor paper or cardstock


- Old magazines or photographs



Scrap paper

Yarn or string



Step 1: Use watercolors to paint the backdrop of your portrait

Step 2: Look through magazines to find the leaders who inspire you! Cut them out and glue them to their portrait

Step 3: Cut out small masks from scrap paper and tie string to the ends. Then glue the mask on your role model’s portrait so they stay safe and protected!


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