PRINTABLE: Misunderstood Monsters

It's Spooky Season! These printables are ready for kids to start thinking creatively about creative strengths, celebrating differences, and using imaginations. 

To start, we imagine monsters as creative creatures who love to make and help others. We stay away from the "scary" ideas of monsters who would destroy or harm things. 

If you are working with students who continue to lean towards a destructive version of monsters, remind them that they have endless creativity and that it takes much more creativity to reinvent a monster than to lean on old tropes that say that monsters have to be scary. 

In this Printable, students will name each monster and write or draw ways that the monsters may be perceived as Scary, but who are actually misunderstood. In the example below, you can see Itty Bitty. Some might think he is Scary because he is so big, but he actually has a very tender heart. Even though he's large, he has a tiny voice and he's very soft to hug. 

We can't wait to see your versions of this sheet! Share them with us with #ArtFeedsMakes.


English Version

Spanish Version


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