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Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

Here’s how we made marbled paper using shaving cream and food coloring! We used it to make a greeting card, but you can use it for wrapping paper and so much more! Follow step by step and share your take on the project with #artfeedsmakes!


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- Watercolor paper

- Food coloring

- Paintbrush

- Shaving cream

- Credit card or card with a flat surface

- Tin foil



Step 1: Rip off a piece of tin foil a little bit bigger than a piece of watercolor paper. Cover the foil in shaving cream, and smooth the cream out with a credit card.

Step 2:  Drop food coloring onto the shaving cream. You can use several colors, and the drops can be randomly dispersed across the shaving cream. 

Step 3: Use a paint brush to swirl the colors around the surface. You can create a pattern, or you can swirl the colors randomly!

Step 4: Press a piece of watercolor paper on top of the shaving cream. Lift the paper, and use a credit card to remove the shaving cream from the paper to reveal a marbled swirl of colors!


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