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Llama Ears

Using a paper bowl and some simple supplies, create these Llama ears with your little artist! Pair with last week’s Tassel Necklace tutorial for the perfectly adorned little Llama. 


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- Paper Bowl

- Scissors

- Hole punch

- Markers

- Pencil

- Hot glue gun (low temp)

- Ribbon



Step 1: Turn your paper bowl upside down and use your pencil to make a dot in the center. Using this center dot as a guide, divide your bowl into thirds. This should make three triangles. 

Step 2: Cut out your three triangles and then cut one in half. Make two holes along what would be the rim of the bowl with your hole puncher.

Step 3: Hot glue these two little triangles to the inside of one edge of the bigger triangles (one for little triangle for each big triangle). Line up the rims, so the pieces should fit perfectly together. Only hot glue the flat tip of the triangle, not along the rim where the holes are.

Step 4: Lace your ribbon through the holes to make a headband.

Step 5: Color and decorate your ears however you would like!


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