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Listening Phone

Let's create a listening phone for when we need to be heard- whether we have a problem, miss someone, want to tell someone something, have a frustration we need to say out loud, or even something exciting to share. The listening phone is just like an old fashioned telephone! It's different from a smartphone and can live in your house for anyone to use when they've got something to say and either don't want to say it to another person, just need to say it out loud, or can't see the other person you want to tell.


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A cardboard box

- Cardboard tube

- Scissors

- Construction paper

- Yarn, ribbon, or pipe cleaners for phone cord

- Low temp hot glue gun

- Markers

- Push pin



Step 1: Glue paper over your cardboard box to cover it

Step 2: Cut your cardboard tube into three pieces: two smaller and one bigger

Step 3: Cover these three pieces with construction paper as well then glue the two little pieces to each end of the big piece horizontally to create a phone

Step 4: Using pipe cleaners, yarn, or string, glue one end to your phone and one end to your box to create a phone cord

Step 5: Cut another small piece of cardboard tube in half to create two half circles

Step 6: Glue the edges of the half circles to the side of the box where your phone will sit to hold your phone to the box

Step 7: Cut out a circle of paper and write numbers around its edges like a dial and a square to label your listening phone

Step 8: Glue the dial and label to the box

Step 9: Tell the phone how you’re feeling! It’s a great listener 😉


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