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Kindness Potion

Maybe you've heard about love potions before; a concoction that you give someone to make them fall in love. Instead, we are imagining a Kindness Potion! Use the Kindness Potion Recipe on the blog at to explore the different elements of what it means to Be Kind. Then gather some items out in nature to bring the recipe into reality!



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-Kindness Potion Recipe Printable from the blog on

-Drawing Utensils (we used our favorite markers from iHeartArtSupplies by @brightstripesco )

-A clean container (recycle a glass or plastic jar!)

-Objects from nature- leaves, petals, twigs, berries, grass

Ours were generously donated by @zuzuspetalsandgifts





If you can't go outside, cut and draw nature objects of your own using:

-Construction Paper

-Drawing Utensils





Step 1: Go outside, or stay inside, and find objects to use in your potion and print out the Kindness Potion Recipe Printable from

Step 2: Think about what makes up kindness, to you, and write some phrases about your version of kindness on each of the lines.

Step 3: Add each of the materials that match up to your aspects of kindness into your jar.

Step 4: Label your jar by taping or gluing a small slip of paper onto your jar and writing on it.


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity! 

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