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Let’s use those cardboard boxes from the holidays. Cycle up your cardboard to a Jet Pack with a few extra materials and your little artist’s creativity!


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Cardboard box

Orange and yellow construction paper

Aluminum foil

Washi tape or scotch

Foam stickers


Marker or sharpie

Scrap paper


Hot glue gun



Mason jar lid rims



Step 1: Cover cardboard with aluminum foil and hot glue down

Step 2: Decorate with stickers, tape, and markers

Step 3: Cut out fire from construction paper and glue to the bottom of the jetpack. Optionally, glue down two mason jar lid rims first then add the paper fire

Step 4: Glue two strands of ribbon to the back of the jetpack like straps, long enough to loop your arms through

Step 5: Shoot off into outer space!


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