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Introducing: Art Feeds Makers

Maybe you’ve noticed all the free projects and tutorials we’ve been making- this was our response to not just meet our little artists in their schools and in children’s organizations, but at home, too! 

We’ve always been a mobile organization. Early on, we figured out that we just want to be where the kids are. We never built a big facility or art center because we wanted to partner with people and places already doing good work with kiddos. We’ve been doing that with 65,000+ children since 2009. 

As we all know, things shifted drastically a little over a month ago. So, in addition to our resources for parents and teachers in Art Feeds Online we’ve been working double time to produce printable coloring sheets and social emotional activity worksheets for FREE as well as creating even more #ArtFeedsMakes Project Tutorial videos for you at home, and even created Project Boxes for you to order the already packaged supplies for some of those Project Tutorials safely to your doorstep. 

It’s been a fun shift for us- we typically see your little artists in schools and create space for them to feel free and safe to express themselves through partnership and training with staff and teachers. But NOW we’re watching parents and children create together at home. We call all the things we’ve been creating #ArtFeedsMakes and we’ve been calling those of you that are testing out our new projects, ordering boxes, downloading and using our printables the Art Feeds Makers

It’s time to make it official. You can join the Art Feeds Makers by signing up here. Every time you create something, tag us on social media and use the hashtag #ArtFeedsMakes so we can see your creativity! We’ll be choosing some of the Art Feeds Makers to send free project boxes and samples to, feature on our social media, test new ideas with and MORE surprises to come! The FIRST order of business is our Artist of the Week Sticker. During our in school programming, one student is chosen each class period as Artist of the Week. This student is chosen because they followed the 3 Rules of Art Feeds:

Be Kind and Creative

Never Say “I Can’t” 

There Are No Wrong Answers

We know there are children following all 3 rules while social distancing. We’re excited to give 25 Artist of the Week stickers to the first 25 people to sign up to be an Art Feeds Maker!  SIGN UP HERE

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome Art Feeds Makers!  Happy creating!  


Meg is our Founder and CEO. It was her vision that started Art Feeds in 2009 and her vision still carries us today. She walks between the administrative and creative duties of running Art Feeds, and she’s also the driver of the Van Gogh 2.0, our Mobile Art Center. When she’s not dreaming new dreams, you can find her travelling, beating your PR at the gym or discovering a secret concert by your favorite band.

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