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In This Together Poster

Create this poster using household materials and hang it in your window to remind your neighbors that we are all connected. Remember the Art Feeds #3 Rule- There Are No Wrong answers. If you have different drawing materials than those shown, don't have some of the supplies, OR if you'd rather your poster say something different than this one- use your creativity and imagination to use whatever you have around you to make your poster uniquely yours.




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Poster board (or large piece of white paper)


Construction paper

- Drawing utensil (we used a pencil and oil pastels)

Stick Glue



- Water

Sticker letters



If you don't have sticker letters at home- make your own bubble letters and cut them out to glue on your poster- or draw or paint right on the page! 

If you don't have construction paper or scissors- simply outline your hands and draw directly on the paper or poster!



Step 1: This one’s up to you! Use your imagination and creativity to make your uplifting poster as a reminder that we are all in this together!

Step 2: Share your poster! Post on social media, hang it up in a window or hold it as you drive by loved one’s houses to encourage those around you


Show us what you create at home by posting a photo to Instagram and tagging #ArtFeedsMakes and @artfeeds

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