How To Talk To Your Administrators About Art Feeds Online

School administrators have the difficult task of determining where money is most needed. They often have to look at the bigger picture and make sure that their choices reflect the interests of both the students and the school community! A common barrier for teachers hoping to bring Art Feeds Curriculum into their classrooms is finding enough money for it in the school budget. Sometimes, teachers must present their case to administrators in hopes of having money reallocated towards this resource. Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to your administrators about purchasing Art Feeds Online!

Be prepared: Have a plan on how your project will be implemented. For example, be prepared to detail how you plan on spending the money and what positive outcomes you can expect from the project. This will show that you are being completely transparent about the process and that you’ve already taken the necessary steps to ensure its success. You can share that Art Feeds has measurable results of decresing fear stress and anxiety in students, increasing self-efficacy and self worth, and growing social emotional skills. This allows students to self regulate their emotions, express themselves consistently and maintain mental and emotional wellness. Children who are anxious, fearful, panicked, stressed or traumatized cannot learn. Our curriculum uses art as a safe space to move students from reactive to classroom ready learners. Want to show examples of lessons plans, teaching videos and curriculum? Sign up for a free membership for Art Feeds Online, where you can find 4 lessons to try. 

Show respect: Administrators often have to make difficult choices regarding the school budget. Let them know why you care about your mission while also being respectful of their decisions! How can you come to a solution together? Can the curriculum be paired with other classroom teachers or school counselors? Can the use of the curriculum also be applied to an after school program? With over 400 lessons in a myriad of subjects, Art Feeds Curriculum is used in children's organizations, libraries, special needs facilities, after school programs, women and children's shelters and so much more! There are 8 Buckets of curriculum within Art Feeds Online designed to meet the needs of the student population you serve. 

Express commitment: Make sure your administrators know that you are ready and willing to show up for your school whenever you are called on to help. They will always remember that you are someone they can count on in times of need and be more willing to return the favor. What are the needs of your school population? Explore the students and their needs with your leadership- do you have a high ESL population? Art Feeds lessons and printables are translated into Spanish. Are there higher needs students at your school? Art Feeds has a Bucket of curriculum specifically designed for Special Needs students. Having discipline problems at the school? The Art Feeds Method shares strategies on how to reach hard to reach students, and our Extra Love Bucket of curriculum is designed for behavioral and emotional disordered students. Looking to add more Social Emotional Learning to the school community? Every lesson is designed for students to grow their SEL skills. Explore options together on how to meet the needs of your students! 

Become a trusted advisor: Find ways to leverage your expertise and share it. Leaders are always looking for good ideas and help with decision-making, but good timing is always key! The curriculum and strategies you will learn with Art Feeds Online and the Art Feeds Method can and will be beneficial school wide! 

Be solution-oriented: When presenting your case to an administrator, always have multiple solutions prepared for them to choose from. You can share the lesson plans Art Feeds Online has with a free membership to show the depth of the lessons. The teaching videos can be used in the classroom for you to take a breather, for absent students, for digital learners and as extra examples. The lesson presentations and project printables are made, saving you time and energy to direct towards your students. There is a monthly subscription option for $29 (cancel any time), an annual option for $300 (saves $60!) and a discounted price for bundled users in one school or district. You can be a pilot program for other teachers in the school, district or community at large. Coming prepared with options willwill show your leadership that you are passionate about your cause and ready to do whatever it takes to make it work!

Become friends: Connect with your administrators personally and professionally! It will be easier to ask them for help if you see them as a friend instead of just a co-worker.

Asking for money is never easy, but you can help your chances of being successful by communicating authentically and effectively about your cause!

Have more questions or ideas? We can't wait to hear from you. Email us at contact@artfeeds.org

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