How To Get Art Feeds Online Paid For

Here at Art Feeds, we know first hand that art is a wonderful tool for developing social-emotional skills and increasing mental and emotional wellness. Art Feeds Online is a curriculum website where we’ve created hundreds of lesson plans, teaching videos, project printables, and examples for teachers to use in their classrooms! The best part? The fees from our curriculum website are used to provide free Art Feeds programs and art supplies for children in need- we've impacted 27,000 children this year alone!

Are you a teacher thinking: “I want this! But I can't pay for it on my own”?

We get it! We know what it's like to pinch some pennies to provide the best lessons we can for the kids in our classrooms. While we strive to make Art Feeds Online as affordable as we can, we know that sometimes this cost can be tough for some teachers to manage. Luckily, there are other resources out there!

The first thing to consider is our Art Feeds Community Assist grant program that provides curriculum, supplies, training, and ongoing support to selected organizations once per year. Because our application process is usually in the fall, we've compiled a list of ways to get Art Feeds Online for free year-round!

Here are our tips for getting Art Feeds Online paid for without touching your wallet:

Title 1 Funding: Title 1 funding exists to assist schools in meeting the educational goals of low-income students. If you are working in a Title 1 school, you may be able to use those funds for specialized instructional methods and purchasing teaching equipment and supplies.

Relief Funding: Some school districts are receiving COVID-19 relief funding that could be used for Trauma-Informed Care due to the pandemic. You can talk to your administrators about this option for the coming years. Our curriculum has specific lessons based on trauma recovery and will be valuable for students in their ongoing processing of the myriad of traumas caused by COVID-19. 

Find it in your classroom budget: Some schools have classroom budgets specifically for curriculum resources. Our curriculum is not just for the Art Instructor, but also for School Counselors and Grade Level Teachers. Join with your school staff to see where the curriculum budget can be stretched. Be sure to check with your administrators about this!

Check school and district budgets: Take a peek at your school and district budgets. See something on there that isn't being used effectively? Make a case to pivot that funding to Art Feeds Online and supplies to help reach your students in a more holistic way. Here are some tips on how to ask your administrators. 

Get more users onboard: Gather with other educators and contact us for a group rate. We love working with entire districts to set up school communities with Art Feeds Online! Email us at support@artfeeds.org for more info.

Grants: Many communities have grants available for small to mid-sized projects in schools. Ask around your community and do some googling of local foundations- Kiwanis, Rotary, Key Club and other Civic organizations often have $500-1000 grants to support community projects. We work hard to make Art Feeds Online affordable and we have grant application templates for you to use to make the process as easy as possible. Need a grant template? Email meg@artfeeds.org 

DonorsChoose: Consider a DonorsChoose project to get an annual subscription and art packs for your students. There are also periods of time where they will match donations. If you have a supportive network of humans supporting your school, this might be for you!

Have more questions or need more help? Email support@artfeeds.org and we're happy to help you. 

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