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How I Feel Colorwheel

Use these simple supplies you can find in your house to help your little ones communicate how they feel in overwhelming times. Remember the Art Feeds rule- there are no wrong answers! No wrong colors or patterns to represent each feeling.




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- Cardboard

- Copy paper

- Scissors

- Watercolors

- Water

- Paintbrush

- Crayons

- Drawing Utensils

- Thumb tack

- Stick glue

- A list of feelings



Step 1: Cut out a piece of copy paper into a half circle shape and divide it into fourths. This should resemble half of a pizza. 

Step 2: Cut out your cardboard to the same shape, but a little bit bigger of a half circle than the paper

Step 3: Write down a different feeling on each pizza-slice-shape and use watercolors to color it in with the best color to represent that feeling

Step 4: Cut out your four pieces of paper and glue them to the cardboard

Step 5: Cut out an arrow from another piece of cardboard and thumbtack it in the bottom middle of your wheel

Step 6: Point the arrow to the feeling you feel that day!


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