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Gratitude Pie

You may have heard of Humble Pie- well today we are going to make Gratitude Pie! In the fall, there's lots of delicious pies that can be made with a filling of different fruits- like pumpkin or apple. But today we are going to make a pie with a gratitude filling! This kind of pie is food for the soul! 


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-Gratitude Pie Printable from the Art Feeds Blog

-Drawing utensils 


-Construction Paper

-Paper Plate




Step 1: On your printable, write something you are grateful for in each slice.

Step 2: Cut the pie shape out of your printable and glue it to the base of your paper plate.

Step 3 Create another, larger pie shape by using your original gratitude pie printable as a guide. Make sure this pie is a little bit bigger than your paper plate.

Step 4: Draw slices onto this bigger pie and cut them out.

Step 5: Fold each of these pieces in half so you can cut a small slit out of the middles or any other shape you would like.

Step 6: If you would like, add a different color of paper to the backside of your slices to patch the holes you made.

Step 7: Glue the crusts of your larger pie to the rim of plate all the way around.

Step 8: Fold back each of the slices to be reminded of all the things you are grateful for.


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!








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