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Glowing Galaxy Jars

Another Art Feeds Makes to add some whimsy to your day! This one is Glowing Galaxy Jars. The joy of being in space, but from the comfort of your craft table. 


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- Cotton balls

- Tempera or acrylic paint

- Cups to hold water

- Stirring sticks

- Glitter

- Clear jar


Step 1: Decide how many colors you want in your galaxy jar. The number of cups you fill with water will correlate with the number of colors you choose. Fill a cup with water and mix in a few drops of one paint color. Stir the mixture. Continue this process with the other cups and paint colors. Each cup will be dedicated to one color.

Step 2: Next, pull the cotton balls apart enough so you can see through the cotton. Fill the empty jar ¼ of the way full with the pulled apart cotton balls. This will be the first layer. Add glitter and pour in a small amount of the first color mixture you want to use. Continue the layering of pulled apart cotton balls, glitter, and paint mixture until the jar is full. Use your creativity to alternate or change the colors as you go! Remember to seal the lid to preserve your galaxy!

This project has fun variations, as well! If you want you galaxy jar to glow in the dark, then carefully cut open one or two glow sticks and pour the contents into your jar. Furthermore, mason jars or other standard clear jars are not the only option to contain your galaxy. Try using a clear plastic ornament to add some holiday cheer!


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