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Food Face

 Today we are going to make a face using our food! Some artwork we make is temporary- using items that won't last forever. Today we are going to practice temporary artwork by making faces out of different kinds of food we eat. The best part? You can gobble it all up when you’re done!


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Supplies for Dry Food Face:


-Food Faces Printable from the blog (DOWNLOAD HERE)


-Dry food

Ideas for dry food:



-Dry beans




Supplies for wet food face:


-Food Faces Printable from the blog


-Cling Wrap


-Wet Food

Ideas for wet food:



-Cooked noodles

....most anything!




(Dry Food)

Step 1: Glue your dry food down to the printable with glue.

(Wet Food)

Step 1: Pull a sheet of cling wrap over a sheet of cardboard and the printable.

Step 2: Place your wet food on top of the cling wrap.


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!


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