Folsom Elementary Mural

Stepping into a school hallway and heading down a long corridor toward classrooms, you look around at the white walls that seem to stretch for miles. Suddenly, a splash of color! Your pace quickens as you realize it's a colorful, delightful mural taking up such a large space on what would be an empty, white wall. 

What you may not know about the mural is that it was designed using a piece of artwork from every single student in the elementary school you're currently walking through. Folsom Elementary students to be exact. Here's what happened to make this beautiful mural a reality:

First, students pondered and dreamed of a theme and a color scheme. Collectively, they chose "Friendship and Unity" with the pallet "Peppy Pastels." Mrs. Law, Folsom Elementary Art Instructor, then guided students through Art Feeds Mural Curriculum so that everyone understood the meaning of an artwork created by a community. Each student then made something all on their own under the chosen theme. After each work of art was scanned and then sent to the Art Feeds Mural Team of Designers, the final piece of magic was installed in the school hallway.

This mural is special- using tile as the material, which was donated by Whitehill Enterprises and installed by McGowan Built Properties, will stand the test of time for years to come! 

Not only does this work of art add color and excitement to this school wall, but it also creates a sense of ownership and pride from each student toward the final product.

Mural projects also highlight the importance of collaberation, problem solving skills, expression, risk taking, confidence building and student empowerment. 

Not only that, but this mural is a reminder to all students (and those of us passing by) about the strength of "Friendship and Unity" in a community!

Thank you to Folsom Elementary School and Mrs. ! Want to bring a mural to your school or children's organization? Learn more here.

Take a look at the mural reveal! Photos by Stori Photos.



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