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Foam Paint

Okay, we know those long days at home with crafty little ones- and this project is especially achievable with household products!



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- Plastic sandwich bags

- White school glue

- Shaving cream

- Food coloring

- Watercolor paper


Step 1: Add equal parts glue and shaving cream in a plastic sandwich bag. Choose a food coloring color, squeeze a few droplets into the bag’s mixture, and combine. Repeat this process for as many colors of foam paint you want to make.

Step 2: Then, write or draw a design in light pencil on a piece of paper. Cut a small corner off of each bag. Squeeze the contents of the bag towards the cut corner, and use the bag to paint your drawn design on the paper. This process looks similar to using a frosting bag to pipe frosting designs on cakes! Be creative! You are not limited to tracing the designs you drew, rather, your pencil drawing can be more of an outline.

The paint will feel soft at first, however, as it dries, it hardens into 3D paint!


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