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Floral Party Hat

Get floral this summer! Here’s a fun way to create party hats to celebrate any occasion. Follow step by step and share your take on the project!


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Hot glue and gun

Construction paper


Paper party hat

Petal templates



Step 1: Use construction paper to create petal templates. These templates can be any color, and the shape should resemble a daisy petal. The petal templates can vary in size, however, they should all be big enough to make petals at least the size of approximately one fourth of a piece of paper. Trace the petal templates on pieces of construction paper. Stack the construction paper so when you cut out the petals you traced, you cut into several pieces of paper, cutting out more petals at once.

Step 2: Roll a cut petal into a shape resembling a cylinder. Hot glue the edges to secure the shape. Roll another petal, however, do not let its edges meet. Rather, hot glue its edges onto the original cylinder shaped petal, creating a layered effect. Continue this process until you have something that resembles a tulip. Keep layering until you have reached your desired size for your flower. 

Step 3: Fold your party hat together. Hot glue the flower to your hat, and model your creation!


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