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Feelings Face Sensory Bag

Using our Emotional Doodles worksheet and a few household supplies to make a sensory bag, we can explore what different feelings and emotions look like on our face and on other faces. When you can name your feeling, it gives you power to then know what to do with that feeling. When you can read the feelings of others on their face, that gives you clues on how they are feeling and gives you the power to recognize their feelings, too. Let's doodle some emotions and make faces with this Feeling Face Sensory bag!


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- Download and print an Emotional Doodle activity sheet on the Art Feeds blog (or use a blank sheet of paper)

Colored pencils or drawing utensil

Sandwich bag

Painters tape or duck tape


Dish soap, clear/white shampoo, or baby oil

- Household items for eyes, mouth and eyebrows



Food coloring

Puff balls

Googly eyes

Popsicle stick





Step 1: Print off and fill out the Emotion Doodles Printable (linked above)

Step 2: Fill a sandwich bag with dish soap, clear/white shampoo, or baby oil

Step 3: Optionally, add glitter, food coloring, and any other decorations you like

Step 4: Add household items to make eyes, a mouth, and eyebrows

Step 5: Squish objects around to make the different emotions you came up with on your Emotion Doodles page!


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