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Egg Carton Flowers

Celebrate spring with this project using recycled materials and flowers that never wilt 🌸🌺🌼 


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Paper Egg Carton

Paper Straws or Pipe Cleaners

Crepe paper or streamers

Construction paper

Hot Glue



Puff Balls or additional decorations of choice

- Container of choice for "vase" (Aluminum can, mason jar, box, etc.)



    Flower 1:

Step 1: Cut out cone-like-divot from egg carton

Step 2: Hot glue tip to the end of a straw or pipe cleaner

Step 3: Cut out leaf shapes from your streamers or crepe paper, and glue them around the middle of the straw to give your flower leaves

Step 4: Cut out petal-like shapes from your streamers or crepe paper and glue them on the inside of the egg carton cone.

Step 5: Laying out your streamer/crepe paper horizontally, cut halfway through the paper in thin strips like fringe for 2-3 inches. Roll this up and glue it to the inside of your petals to create pollen.

    Flower 2:

Step 1: Cut out the cup shape from the egg carton and paint it whatever color you would like!

Step 2: Hot glue the bottom of the cup to the tip of a straw or pipe cleaner

Step 3: Hot glue pom poms on the inside of the cup

Final Step: Arrange your flowers in the vase of choice!


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