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Egg Carton Face Inspired by Nelson Makamo

We are feeling extremely inspired by the work of @nelsonmakamo , a South African artist that creates portraits of children that shows their vibrance, wonder and joy with line and color. Together we'll make 3D sculptures out of egg cartons using the work of Nelson Makamo as our source of inspiration with bold, bright lines, texture and energetic colors. 


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Note: this list includes affiliate links


-Egg Cartons


-Glue or Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

-Thick + Thin Markers 

-Oil pastels by iHeart Art Supplies by @brightstripesco


-Watercolor Pastels by iHeartArt Supplies by Bright Stripes



-Water Basin


-Pipe Cleaners 




Step 1: Cut the top piece/half of the egg carton off.

Step 2: Cut out two cup sections off the egg carton to look like a set of eyes.

Step 3: Cut out the middle of a cup section to look like a nose.

Step 4: Cut out two of the pieces that separate the eggs inside the carton to use in the eyes for added texture.

Step 5: Color the face you made out of the egg carton however you would like.

Step 6: Add any decoration you want such as fuzzy sticks.


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!

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