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Donut Valentine Box

Donut you know I love you? Valentine's Day is coming up, which means that we get to create cards for friends and loved ones and Boxes to receive them in, too. We love donuts, and that's our inspiration for some sweet valentine's and a box this year!



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For the Valentine Card:

-Donut Valentine Printable from the blog on


-a cup or bowl to trace

-Construction Paper


-Drawing utensils

-Glue Stick



-Pom Poms 




For the Valentine Box:

-Cardboard box OR large sheet of paper

-Tape or glue stick

-Drawing utensil

We used Thick + Thin Markers from iHeartArt Supplies by @brightstripesco

-Cling Wrap

-Construction Paper



For Donut Valentines:

Step 1: Trace circles onto a piece of paper and cut out.

Step 2: Write something sweet on them!

Step 3: Trace and cut out some wonky circles on colored paper for your icing.

Step 4: Glue onto the side of your donut where your writing isn’t.

Step 5: Add sprinkles, icing or confetti to your donuts as decoration.

For Valentines Box:

Step 1: Fold a sheet of paper in half or tape two sheets of paper like a book, and then cut out a smaller rectangle out of one side.

Step 2: Tape or glue a piece of cling wrap onto the inside of your cut out rectangle.

Step 3: Add your donuts to the inside of your “donut box.”

Step 4: Tape each open side closed so that your donuts don’t fall out.

(For cardboard box)

Step 1: Using the same method as above, create a box for your donuts by taping or gluing the donuts onto the inside of your box and cling wrap.


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!


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