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DIY Handdrawn Temporary Tattoos

Listen, we're all looking for ways to get festive without breaking the bank. We love this solution because you can print at home, apply whenever you like and the options are really endless. Ready to get started? 



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- Sharpies/markers

- Scissors

- Computer paper

- Printable temporary tattoo paper

- Scanning app or computer scanner



Step 1: To begin, draw designs with a marker on a blank sheet of paper. You can be as simple or complex as you want! For example, you could draw stars, flowers, smiley faces, or even write words. You have the freedom to include as little or as much detail and color as you want into your designs.

Step 2: Next, use your computer scanner or favorite scanning app to scan and upload your designs onto your computer. We used Adobe Capture. This app allows you to take a photo of your designs, use tools to color and edit, and then print. If you would prefer to take a clear photo of your designs with your phone, email the photo to yourself, and then print from your computer, that is also an option. To do so, make sure you capture the photo from above your designs and that your design is in focus.

Step 3: Now print your tattoo design on the printable temporary tattoo paper according to the brand’s instructions. 

Step 4: Finally, cut out your designs, and apply with a damp sponge!


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