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DIY Ice Cream

We're feeling inspired by rising temperature and the start of summer to create the most wonder filled ice cream we can imagine! Design your own ice cream Sundae complete with flavors that remind you of your favorite places or things, and/or characteristics you have or admire in others. This ice cream should help tell the story about YOU. Build your own Sundae in several different ways. Watch Miss Meg create hers to get inspiration for your own. Then you may just start dreaming about your own ice cream shop or truck!



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Paper cup








Model Magic



Confetti or table scatters

Pom poms

Popsicle stick




Step 1: Create ice cream flavors that describe YOU! Draw them out on paper and color them in

Step 2: Cut out ice cream scoop shapes out of cardboard. This should be the same number of flavors you have 

Step 3: Cut two small slices out of your bottom flavor on either side so the paper cup can slide into them

Step 4: For the rest of your flavors, cut a small slice in the bottom-middle of the scoops so that they can stack on top of each other

Step 5: Decorate with pom poms and confetti!


Step 1: Depending on what your flavors represent, you may decorate in different ways, but for our bottom flavor we took a piece of Model Magic and folded confetti and glitter into it, then shape it into a scoop of ice cream

Step 2: Color a piece of model magic with marker and roll into a ball until color is evenly distributed, then shape it into a scoop of ice cream

Step 3: Decorate and color the rest of your ice cream flavors, stack them in your cup, and let dry

Step 4: Pour a few drops of paint on top of your ice cream cone and let drip like syrup

Step 5: Roll out a small piece of Model Magic like a snake and coil it up to make a dollop of whipped cream

Step 6: Add a pom pom cherry, glitter, a popsicle stick, or any other decorations and enjoy!


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