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Dino Dig

Turn your backyard into an excavation site with this project! Best done outside while soaking up the sunlight and to contain the mess. Let your little one release these raptors from the ice age. You'll freeze dinos, rocks, sticks and backyard nature finds into a bin and let your little artist dig out dinosaurs. Can keep those little paleontologists occupied for hours. Make a “Dino finds” booklet to let them record their findings!


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Freezer friendly container

Dinosaur Figurines

- Rocks/Pebbles

- Nature Finds

- Water


- Dirt or coffee grounds

- Old toothbrush or paint brush

- Spoon




- Sand

- Any other material you'd like to dig for! 

Alternate digging tools



Step 1: Place dinosaur figurines in the bottom of your container and place found objects like leaves and sticks on top

Step 2: Fill with water until the objects are just covered

Step 3: Freeze for four hours

Step 4: Layer dirt and glitter on top of the ice

Step 5: Pour salt as needed to melt the ice as you dig for dinos!

Step 6: Find all of the dinos and clean with an old toothbrush or paintbrush


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