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Crayon Confetti Tote

Here's a simple way to decorate your Art Feeds Day tee or tote with crayons and an iron.



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- Tote bag

Parchment paper




Step 1: Select a variety of crayons and unwrap them. Use as many or as few crayons as you desire! The colors you select can be of the same color family, rainbow, or totally random. 

Step 2: Now, with a pair of scissors, shave the crayons. Use the edge of the scissor blade, and make sure the shavings are dispersed across the surface of the tote bag. Turn the bag as you shave the crayons to get all of the corners!

Step 3: After you have covered the surface of the tote with the crayon shavings, cover it with a piece of parchment paper. Use the crayons like paperweights to make sure the paper won’t move around.

Step 4: Use a clothing iron on low heat to iron over the parchment paper. This will cause the crayon shavings to melt into the tote’s fabric, creating a confetti effect!


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