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Constellation Maker

Using a cardboard oatmeal canister, some household materials and a flashlight, create your own constellations on your ceiling! Perfect for an indoor camping trip, galaxy exploration or star gazing before bed time. Discover existing constellations and make up your own.


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- Cardboard oatmeal canister

- Flashlight

- Black construction paper

- Pencil 

- Scissors

- Glue



- Paint in blues, purples, silver, and gold

- Paint brush

- Hole punch



Step 1: Paint your black construction paper to look like a starry night sky and glue it around your oatmeal canister

Step 2: Use the mouth of the oatmeal canister to trace out circles for constellations

Step 3: Draw your favorite constellations or some of your own invention on the circles and cut them out

Step 4: Using scissors or a hole punch cut out the stars on the constellations

Step 5: Place a flashlight in the bottom of the oatmeal canister and place one of your constellations on top

Step 6: Find a dark room to gaze up at your constellations!


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