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Confetti Popper

Let's get festive! Here's how we created a confetti popper to celebrate any occasion.



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- Hot glue and gun

- Cardboard tube (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll)

- Scissors

- Paper

- Decorative paper (optional)

- Balloon

- Washi tape

- Confetti



Step 1: Wrap a piece of paper around the cardboard tube. You can use any type of paper you prefer! Your options are endless, from a plain sheet of white paper or thick and colorful glitter paper! Use hot glue to secure the paper on the tube. Be sure to help your little one in manning the hot glue gun! If you’d like, add strips of decorative paper around the cardboard tube! Roll the strips of paper around the tube and secure them with hot glue, as well. We added shiney striped paper to our confetti popper! For extra pizazz, we cut our stars from a piece of glitter paper and glued them on the tube, too.

Step 2: Cut the end of a deflated balloon. The end you cut off should be the end in which you would blow air into, leaving the rounded half for you to stretch over the end of the tube. Secure the balloon with tape. We used washi tape for extra color! Add confetti to the inside of your tube. Your confetti popper is now complete! To use, pull on the balloon. WHen you release it, the confetti will fly out of the open end of the tube! Have fun!


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