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Color Wheel Paint and Play

Grab your paint and aprons and lets get started. This one is a messy one but it sure is fun! Using paint and some simple tools, on this project little artists can explore the way that colors mix together. Inspired by artist Josie Lewis @josielewisart and her explorative art work. The perfect way to let little artists get curious and hands on about how colors mix and transform! This project will create several works of art by your little artist, check out yesterday’s blog on how to best display your kids work!



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Watercolor paper or canvas

- Paint (washable or acrylic)


- Drawing utensil




Paper plate for excess paint

Cling wrap for additional project with excess paint



Step 1: Trace out a circle on canvas or cardboard and divide like a pie, one slice for each color of the rainbow

Step 2: Pour out a few drops of paint of each color in it’s slice, then add a few drops of white paint all over

Step 3: Cut up small slices of cardboard to act like a paintbrush as you mix the colored and white paint. Switch cardboard slices so your colors don’t overmix!

Step 4: With any excess paint on a paper plate, place cling wrap over it and press down to mix the colors on the plate

Step 5: Get creative with any excess paint on your cardboard slices! Make lines or squiggles on extra canvas or watercolor paper. Have fun!


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