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Cardboard Tube Airplanes

Make good use of those TP and paper towel tubes with these cardboard tube airplanes. Create more than one and have an airplane race! Watch until the end to see how to race them.


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- Cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls

- Cardboard

- Scissors

- Hot Glue

- Yarn or thick string

- Tape



- Aluminum foil

- Construction paper

- Glitter paper



Step 1: Cut out oblong oval shapes from your cardboard. Make two sizes, one bigger and one smaller to act as the wings of your airplane

Step 2: Wrap your cardboard tube and wings with paper of choice using a glue gun

Step 3: Cut slits along your tube, two near the top and two near the bottom. The two slits should be directly across from each other and should be the width of your airplane’s wings so that you can slide the wings into the slits

Step 4: An alternative method is to cut the slits and slide in the wings before adding paper and then wrap and hot glue with aluminum foil

Step 5: Tape long pieces of yarn to a ceiling or high surface

Step 6: Slide your planes up the yarn and hold at an angle to prevent from falling down

Step 7: Once planes are at the top of the string, release and see which plane flies down fastest!


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