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Calming Jar

Decorate the jar with words, objects or symbols that make you feel calm and comforted. No wrong answers to what you color or draw. When you have big feelings, take a breath and spin or shake the jar. Watch the items inside swirl to help you feel calm.



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Jar (clear plastic or glass will do- recycle a food jar or container!)

Sharpies (or paint pens or glass paint)



Small objects that fit into container

- Water



Kayro Syrup (to slow the spin)

Food coloring (make it a color!)



Step 1: Decorate the outside of your jar with sharpies, writing your favorite quote, drawing a calming picture, or whatever you would like!

Step 2: Begin filling your jar with your little objects, layering the beads, sequins, pom poms, and anything else you find

Step 3: Fill up your jar about halfway and add kayro syrup (optional) and a couple drops of food coloring

Step 4: Shake and enjoy!


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