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Cadillac Ranch Sensory Bin

Imagine your own road trip where you explore outdoor art! Here's our take on the installation art found on Route 66, Cadillac Ranch, by the group of artists known as Ant Farm, where 10 Cadillac cars can be found halfway in the ground and visitors can make their own mark on the ever evolving cars. Art Feeds team saw this installation on a road trip through the Southwest to transform a school bus into a Mobile Art Center, which inspired us to bring this project to you. 





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-  A container
- 2-3 cups of dry rice
- 2-3 colors of food coloring
- Sandwich bag
- Paper plate
- Cardstock paper or cardboard
- Drawing utensil (we used oil pastels)
- Scissors

- Cars or toys of your own to put in the box!


Step 1. Separate rice into 3 baggies. Add drops of food coloring to each one and mix.

Step 2. Combine rice on a paper plate, then mix up in the box

Step 3. Use a drawing utensil to create little cars on cardstock (thicker paper works better).

Step 4. Tape your cars to the bottom of the box, then cover with rice again. Wha-la!

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