Birdseed Ornaments (with Gogo SqueeZ!)

Think of this like a gifts for our winged friends outside our windows. Create these birdseed ornaments using boxes from Gogo SqueeZ and hang them on trees to nourish the birdies!

This post was made in collaboration with GoGo squeeZ®

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To make this bird feeder, you will need:

Bird seed

Nut/seed butter

Hole punch





1. Cut off the front and back panels of your box for the largest surface area to work with.

2. Flip your box panel over to reveal the blank cardboard side. Draw your favorite shape and then cut it out!

3. Punch a hole in each of your shapes, thread the yarn through and tie a knot.

4. Spread seed butter all over both sides of the shapes, and then press into a shallow container of bird seed to coat.

5. Hang up your custom bird feeders on the nearest tree, and keep an eye out for some hungry birdies!

And there's an adorable DIY instruction printable you can print off to guide you through the steps! Download below. 


Download in English Here

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