Art Feeds Modern Telethon- We Want Your Face and Voice!

First, I want to say that I'm sending all the good energy and love I can muster your way in this year that has been like no other!  You're in this email because you've been a major supporter of Art Feeds in some capacity- as an outside supporter, educator, volunteer, intern or staff member and we want your stories. 

As you know, as a non-profit, all of our funding to provide Art Feeds programming FREE of cost schools/children's organizations comes from grants and fundraisers. This year, we are impacting 27,000 children (I know, we can't believe it either) with our training, curriculum, ongoing support and supplies.  Our annual Raise Your 38 Fundraiser is the biggest one of all to support our Community Assist Programming. This year we're organizing a modern telethon of sorts and we want you involved! Keep reading to learn how. 

Many of you have participated in Raise Your 38, but here's a refresher in case you forgot how it works. The concept behind Raise Your 38 is that it costs $38 to provide Art Feeds programming for one child for a year and during Raise Your 38 we ask our supporters to set a goal with a Facebook fundraiser of how many children they have a goal of supporting- i.e $76 to support 2 little artists, $380 to support 10, etc. It's a wonderful collective of people rallying to give free resources and supplies and access to Art Feeds programming for thousands of children annually. 

Like everyone, in these especially unique times, COVID threw us for a loop and we were unable to have our Raise Your 38 Fundraiser at it's usual time this past spring. We are taking a leap of faith and having our Raise Your 38 Campaign October 19th-22nd. This year, on the evening of Wednesday, October 21st during the campaign, we will be having a mini modern telethon with Facebook live and we want to feature YOU- your stories and your experiences with Art Feeds. We are asking for 1-3 minutes of footage from you, talking about Art Feeds. We will then use these videos in the telethon to share the impact that Art Feeds has. We need these videos by Monday October 12th If you would like to participate, here's what we need:

1.) 1-3 minutes of talking, shot on an iphone is perfect! If you go over on minutes, don't worry, we have stellar video editors that will piece together the things you say. Don't stress about it being perfect! We want it to be real and authentically you.

2.) It must be shot horizontally on the phone (or camera if you're fancy) to fit the format of the rest of the video. We love bright and natural lighting if it's possible for you to shoot in front of that!

3.) Please email the video in a separate email from this chain to Brooke@artfeeds.org with the subject: Raise Your 38 telethon *name of person and entity* and include the video as an attachment. If you are a gmail user and the file uploads as a drive file, that is perfectly fine!

4.) Some good questions to answer yourself as a jumping point (you can choose to answer your favorite question or questions here)- 

Why is creativity important to you? 

Why is expression important to you? 

What has Art Feeds programming done for you? 

In your experience, how have you seen Art Feeds impact children?

How is Art Feeds different from other experiences you've had?

Do you have a favorite project/lesson that you remember? Tell us about it. 

Do you feel that art making and creating is critical during this time? Tell us about it. 

Why do you want other schools and children's organizations to receive Art Feeds for free? 

Do you feel that students feel seen, valued and known in Art Feeds? Tell us how. 

Feel free to share a favorite memory! 


Thank you so much for your involvement in this project as we work to raise funds to give organizations and schools like you free access to our programs! 



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