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Art Feeds Camp: Artist Detectives

Introducing our first ever Camp in a Box. Art Feeds Camp: Artist Detective

There's been a burglary at the Art Museum and we need your help! Calling all artist detectives to help us crack the case. Join us for the first-ever Art Feeds: Artist Detectives, camp in a box. We'll need your little artist's creativity and mystery solving skills. The Art Feeds team will lead the artist detectives through 8 different projects in 4 days of digital camp. Every day of the camp, the artist detective is one step closer to solving the mystery.


Here's what each of the 4 days of camp includes:

  • Camp is self paced- you watch the teaching videos and do the projects at YOUR convenience!
  • 4 high quality iHeartArt Supply Kits (detailed list below)
  • A teaching video with the an Art Feeds staff member. The video teaches the project direct to the students, and leads the students through each step of the case with clues and tasks to solve the mystery.
  • On July 6th, you will receive an email with a login to Art Feeds Online, our curriculum website.
  • On Art Feeds Online, you will find everything you need for 4 days of camp- you can participate wherever you are AND on your own schedule!
  • The project videos will have guidance on recreating the works of art that have been "stolen" in the art heist.* 
  • Kiddos will learn about 4 diverse artists and build new painting, drawing and creative techniques, all with the guidance of Art Feeds staff via video.
  • 4 project printable activity sheets. These printable activity will lead the artist detectives through the mystery. They can be downloaded to any device or printed to use anytime- now or in the future!
  • The guided projects, art kits, and printables create 1-2 hours of self guided making and exploring each day of camp- that's up to 8 hours of creative play total- from wherever you are!
  • The teaching videos and printables are yours forever, so go at your own pace! You choose how- in a group of friends, a classroom, neighborhood get together, or solo time.
  • We believe all children are brilliant and capable! But we recommend that this camp be done with a grownup for ages 6-8, and can be self-guided and independently done for ages 9-12.

What will you need?

  • Access to internet to watch or download the teaching videos and see/download the printable activity sheets.
  • A device (mobile phone, iPad, laptop, or computer) to watch the teaching videos. They can be downloaded while online and watched offline (art camp entertainment while road tripping or off the grid camping, anyone?)
  • If you want to print the downloadable activity sheet we call a "Printable Activity Sheet" you'll need access to a printer. But all clues can be read easily online/on a device if you don't.
  • All the art supplies you need will be in your iHeartArt Supply Kits. But if the artist detectives want to cut out any portion of the Printable Activity Sheet, you'll need scissors.

Here's what Art Supplies are included:

  • 4 unique iHeartArt Supply Packs with different supplies in each. Each kit has enough supplies for 1-2 children to participate in the daily project. (Note, we guarantee there will be enough for 1-2 kiddos, and leave it up to your personal judgement if you have additional kiddos that will share the kits)
  • All pieces store neatly in the sturdy, high-quality binder with magnetic closure. You'll want to take it everywhere! The supplies have plenty of materials that can be used to continue creating all summer long even after Art Camp! The kits are*:

Bold + Bright Mash-Up Art Pack, complete with 12 Bright Watercolors, 6 Gel Pens, 6 Markers, 1 Paintbrush, a 20 page art pad (8x10.5 inches), and a techniques guide

Watercolor Blends + Ink Mash-Up Art Pack, complete with 2 Fineline Pens, 8 Watercolor Pastels, 1 Water Brush Pen, a 20 page art pad (8x10.5 inches), and a techniques guide.

Batik FX Mash-Up Art Pack, complete with 10 Watercolor Paint Tubes, 12 Oil pastels, masking tape, water brush pen, 25- page art pad (8x10.5 inches), palette, and a techniques guide. 

Paint + Pastel Mash-Up Art Pack, complete with 10 acrylic paint tubes, 12 chalk pastels, 3 brushes, 25-page art pad (8x10.5 inches), palette and a techniques guide. 

*These kits include paint, so be sure to do these projects in a space that's ok to get messy, with clothes that are ok to get messy. You can purchase an Art Feeds Apron for your kiddo if you like! 

*the burgarly and mystery are fictional, all artists we explore are real. Art Feeds does not encourage theft. 

Hot Tips:

  1. ALL proceeds from Camp in a Box support our year round Community Assist Program- giving safe spaces for children worldwide to express themselves. We impacted 27,000 in the last school year.
  2. Put together a group- Have neighborhood friends, best pals, family/extended family, a school group, team, or club that wants to do this camp together? Order ONE Art Camp in a Box and find the 4 additional iHeartArt Supplies Kits here:

Want to do the camp for your kiddo but can't find it in the budget? We hear you. Email about Camp Scholarships

The teaching videos and printable activity sheets are yours forever after you purchase. If you loved the experience, recreate it again with a group or party in the future or give to another artist detective you know! 

Looking forward to solving the mystery with you! 


The Art Feeds Team



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