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Abstract Paper Art

We love abstract art because it doesn't always represent reality, but instead uses colors, shapes, and textures from our own imaginations. Abstract art goes perfectly with the Art Feeds rule- "There are No Wrong Answers". What shapes can you invent and what colors can you play with to make your own work of Abstract Paper art? 


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-White Paper

-Colorful paper




-Watercolor Paper

-Watercolor paint

-Acrylic paint

-Paint Brushes

-Water Container



Step 1: Gather your paper scraps and any additional materials and a base sheet of paper.

Step 2: Paint, glue down your paper scraps, cut out new shapes, or draw on your base sheet of paper.

Step 3: Add until you have created a perfectly imperfect masterpiece!


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!


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