A Heartwarming Story for an Upside Down Time

For 10 years, Art Feeds has worked with over 60,000 kids in schools and children’s organizations. When they heard that schools were going to be let out during the COVID-19 crisis, they understood that many of the students at their partner schools don’t have as much as a pencil at home for creating. While the schools mobilized to prepare, package and sometimes even deliver food to students via bus routes, Art Feeds prepared art supplies and worksheets in Spanish and English for kids to be able to create at home. The response was heartwarming! Big smiles, laughter and even happy tears from the kids as they were delivered sustenance for their bodies and tools for their creativity and expression. 

We know that when kids experience trauma or when there’s big change within their lives, they benefit from consistent emotional expression. This can be through art making, writing, talking, playing, running, pretending. When they are moving their bodies and their minds, they have space to make sense of what’s happening outside of their bodies and also within.

Art Feeds does this through art-making- they’ve been working with teachers, art therapists and mental health professionals to create lessons and training for grown ups to help the children they care for. They have dozens of lessons you can get access to immediately along with video training on how to create a space for kids to express themselves in healthy, positive ways.

Learn more at Art Feeds Online and find their FREE project videos at #ArtFeedsMakes on the @artfeeds IGTV.

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