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Versachalk Music Makers

Let's get crafty and a little loud. This project is sponsored by Versachalk- we love these chalk markers and mason jar lids. The organizational potential is limitless- but we used this combo to create little shakers for little humans who are ready to boogie. 



Note: this list includes affiliate links

- Versachalk Chalkboard Markers

-Two Versachalk Mason Jar Lids

-Two Metal Mason Jar Lid Rims



-Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Begin by hot-gluing the Versachalk mason jar lids into the metal rims. We recommend an adult or parent manning the hot glue gun! Line the inside of a metal rim with glue, and then push a Versachalk mason jar lid in place. The lid should be beneath the lip of the metal rim. 

Step 2: Next, place beads across the surface of an upturned lid. You will be placing the other lid on top of this one to create a container for your beads, so make sure you put in the perfect amount of beads to make sound and have enough space to move around!

Step 3: Now place the empty lid on top of the lid with the beads. You want the bottom edges of the rims to be touching, creating an open space between the two mason jar lids for the beads to move around. Use a hot glue gun to glue the edges together. Wrap tape around the edges for added security and flare! You can use Duct Tape, masking tape, or even washi tape!


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