What's Art Feeds Online? Your online source for Art Feeds Curriculum, Methods and Resources! We've done the work for you. With a monthly membership, have access to our curriculum that focuses on healthy emotional expression and creativity. 

You love seeing children light up with a new idea- but could use help coming up with new projects. 

Listen, we get it. What we hear most often is- “I LOVE working with children, but finding new ideas is draining so I end up doing the same old projects.” YES! We’ve all been there. But here’s the good news: We’ve done the work for you. There are dozens of lessons we’ve been vetting over 10 years ready for you to bring to your classroom using all forms of art- think drawing, painting, dancing, storytelling and more. They require basic art supplies, are super versatile for whether you’re in a classroom or a kitchen table, and each one has a teaching video as well as a lesson plan. We also have online training on our methods for people who feel unsure of how to talk with children during this time. Our teaching videos to help them create the space wherever they are. 

Social Emotional skills are important for you- and you realize that kids need help processing as much as adults do.

So many of us are in our houses right now due to social distancing. This is difficult for adults, of course, but many children are dealing with the consequences as well- disruptions from their routines, loss of contact with peers, change in education and sometimes scarcity of food and care. Any of these can create negative experiences for children, but with positive emotional expression, children can feel supported, seen and grounded. Art Feeds lessons have been consulted on by an Art Teacher, an Art Therapist and a Child Trauma Specialist. Each lesson has guiding questions to help you start meaningful conversations with students along with Mental Health and Wellness Considerations so you can be mindful of any child you’re working with. 

You know that creativity is the most valuable skill we can give to children and you’re ready to help fuel it!

The world that our 5 year olds will inherit doesn’t exist yet! We don’t truly know how to prepare them for what will come, but we do know this: They will need to know how to dream, improvise, fail and try again, collaborate and persevere. When we focus on building creativity, we are setting them up for success as they build grit, communication skills and resilience. 


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