fear, stress and anxiety has been reduced in Art Feeds students since the disaster



students affected by various forms of disaster trauma



of students report Art Feeds class is their favorite part of the day (over recess and lunch- win!)

How Art Feeds Helps

Therapeutic art

We address the need of mental and emotional wellness in students through expression in all forms of art. Our curriculum provides a platform for verbal and non-verbal expression in a safe and caring environment.

Creative Education

Creativity is a coveted skill in our growing world. We prioritize creativity as a valuable skill in education. We encourage expression, creativity and art as staples in childrenโ€™s everyday lives- to feed childrenโ€™s creativity for an inspired future.

70% vs 30%

Of 100% of children who undergo a traumatic event, 70% will maintain mental and emotional wellness if consistently expressing themselves. We work to provide an outlet of expression for all students & locate the 30% of students who need extra help processing the trauma they have faced.

  • Restore Joplin

    Restore Joplin

    Restore Joplin was a flagship program following the Joplin disaster meeting needs for those affected. They have been a major ongoing support for the function of Art Feeds Joplin programs.

  • Ozark Center

    Ozark Center

    Art Feeds Educators are trained by Ozark Center mental health professionals specializing in child trauma. Ozark Center supports Art Feeds expression in schools. Art Feeds Joplin serves two Ozark Center entities, Turnaround Ranch and Bill and Virginia Leffen Center for Autism.

  • Joplin Schools

    Joplin Schools

    We have partnered with every Joplin Public Elementary School in the 7 years of our existence. In addition to our regular weekly programming, Joplin Schools and Art Feeds Joplin have produced 14 student created murals.

  • Joplin Public Library

    Joplin Public Library

    We collaborate with JPL to provide Art Feeds workshops to community kiddos on weekends and throughout the summer months. Also, we invite JPL to join us at workshops across the community to grow their JPL Summer Reading Programs.

  • Joplin Area Catholic Schools

    Joplin Area Catholic Schools

    We work weekly in St.Maryโ€™s Elementary school and are paired with St.Peterโ€™s Middle School and McCauly High School for youth volunteer opportunities.

  • Children's Haven

    Children's Haven

    Childrenโ€™s Haven provides temporary shelter to area children in a safe, secure environment while their parents resolve a family crisis. Art Feeds Joplin works with the students every week to provide a healthy form of expression.

Art Feeds Method

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We reach additional children through community events and workshops

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